Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water and sewer service. 

  • Current Projects
    • Design of WWTP Reuse Facility
    • Zone 3 Secondary Water Booster Pump Station
    • Zone 3 Drinking Water Booster Pump Station Upgrades
    • 2022 Water and Sewer Line Replacement Project

Progress Update: Zone 3 Drinking Water Booster Pump Station Upgrades

UPDATE: 02/06/2023

The Zone 3 Drinking Water Booster Pump Station Upgrades were completed on schedule. This was a challenging project that took a lot of coordination between the District and various contractors. We'd like to thank everyone involved in making it a success. With the upgrades we will be able to keep up with the growth and continue to provide a high level of service. 

Project Update: Zone 3 Drinking Water Booster Pump Station Upgrades

Magna Water District’s Zone 3 Culinary Pump Station (Pump Station) is currently being upgraded to accommodate recent growth within the area covered by Magna Water District’s Zone 3 Area. As part of this improvement, the electricity powering the Pump Station will be upgraded from single phase to three phase and the pumps will be upgraded from 350 gpm pumps to 1,800 gpm pumps. Zone 3 service area is generally south of the railroad tracks. MWD Zone Map LINK

The upgrade work started this morning at 9:00 am and is progressing well. All improvements are scheduled to be complete by Friday, February 3, 2023. The available water storage for Zone 3 is anticipated to last beyond the scheduled completion date. If, the water tank level drops below an acceptable level or, the work is not completed by February 3, 2023, then the District will serve this zone through zone 2 piping which will reduce the available pressure but maintain water to Zone 3 until the upgrades are complete and the Pump Station is fully operational.

For any questions, please contact Magna Water District at 801-250-2118. We look forward to the improved function of the Pump Station.

2022 Water Line and Sewer Line Replacement Project


Magna Water District (MWD) has several water and sewer repair and replacement projects scheduled to start between September and October of 2022.

2022 Florence and Edith water line replacement project

This project includes replacement of the drinking water main in Edith Drive and Florence Drive between Katherine Drive and Helen Drive. Connections to existing water lines in Katherine Drive will create traffic delays in this area. Project is currently scheduled to start the second week of October and will be completed third week of December.


After a few delays due to material supply, construction of the water line replacement project is underway. You will see equipment and work crews along Katherine Drive starting this week. They will then move to Florence and Edith Drive. 

Winter construction considerations. Please park in driveways when possible along Florence and Edith. Local traffic will be permited in work zones and driveways will be accessable during construction. The contractor will be maintaining the work zones throughout the winter, clearing snow and maintaining the trench. 

The schedule for replacement is estimated to last 60 days. November 2022 thru January 2023.