Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water and sewer service. 

2021 Waterline Projects (3500 South Water and Secondary Water Project)

UPDATE 8/19/2021: 

Substantial Completion for all Phases Scheduled for September 15th.

Phase 1 - The portion of phase 1 east of Montclair Street (7700 W) is substantially complete and traffic control measures on 3500 So. between 7700 W and 7500 W will be removed on Monday August 23rd. There is some work being done in Magnolia Dr. but it should not impact traffic on 3500 So.

The Contractor will now focus on the section of Phase 1 between 8000 W and Montclair St. This will include lane shifts and potentially single lane traffic at times as the road is narrow in this area.

Phase 2 - All of Phase 2 is substantially complete. There are a few minor items left to complete over the next few weeks.

UPDATE 7/6/2021:

Phase 1 - The constractor will be tying in the new water line to existing pipeing this week. This will be at night starting on Wednesday this week and should be completed by Friday. There will likely be lane closures and noise through the night.

Phase 2 - The contractor is continuing secondary water pipe installation. They will begin installing service laterals and meter boxes in the next few weeks. 


UPDATE 6/17/2021:

The contractor is currently installing water pipe in 3500 South between 7700 W and 7200 W. and has begun working on Montclair Street as of June 17th. They will be installing secondary pipe within Montclair St. over the next several weeks.


Starting in May 2021 Magna Water District will begin a drinking water and secondary water project. It is scheduled to be constructed from May 2021 to September 2021.

Construction will be within 3500 South between 8400 West and Magnolia Drive (7497 W) there will also be secondary water installed within Montclair Street (7730 W) between 3500 South and Washington Road (Approx. 3700 S) and Washington Road between Montclair Street and Valley Forge Road.

The map shown below has the full extent of the project (LINK TO MAP). As construction progresses there will be additional updates on any road closures or detours.

If you have questions or a request for additional information please contact us at 801-250-2118.

project map

2021 Sewer Repair Project

Project Update 5/25/2021

This project is complete. Asphalt and concrete will be completed this week and all other items are complete.

The 2021 Sewer Repair Project consists of several spot repairs throughout the District. Two locations are along 8400 West (1. 8400 W and Western Drive, 2. 8400 W and 3370 So). 

West Side Collection Project 1A - 2100 South Sewer

The West Side Collection Project 1A is a 30-inch Sanitary Sewer Collection Main project. It will be constructed in 2100 South between 8000 West and 7750 West.

UPDATE: 9/23/2021

The Project has started and the contractor is currently working near 7650 W 2100 S.

The RV dump will have limited to no access from Monday September 27 thru Friday October 8th.


4100 South Secondary Water

Project Update 4/27/2021

This project is complete. Asphalt was installed a few weeks ago and all other items are complete.

The new 12-inch secondary water line in 4100 South from 8400 West to 7656 West is almost complete. The last items are surface improvements such as concrete collars and pavement. We anticipate the contractor will be paving on 4100 South around April 15th when the temperatures are more acceptable for placing asphalt. 

Zone 3 0.75MG Drinking Water Reservoir

Project Update 05/25/2021

This project is nearing completion. The tank is complete and the contractor is finishing up pipe connections, final site work, and finishing touches on the valve vault. 

The District has teamed with DR Horton, Ensign Engineering, and FX Construction to build a new 0.75 MG drinking water tank to serve the southern area of the Districts service area (Zone 3). This project will help contunue the Districts level of service and allow for the new Gateway at Little Valley Development and future Cyprus High School. This project is anticipated to be complete in Spring 2021.