Engineering and Development

The Engineering Department reviews and approves all proposed construction plans pertaining to new drinking water, secondary water, and sanitary sewer infrastructure. Engineering is responsible to inspect all construction for compliance with MWD’s Standard Plans and Specifications.

It is the contractor’s sole responsibility to comply with all State of Utah, Salt Lake County, West Valley City, and MWD requirements and specifications.

Construction Standards and Specifications

District’s standard specifications and details for construction of the water and sewer improvements can be found by clicking this link construction-standards or by clicking the Resources tab on the menu bar.


Developer’s inquiring to obtain culinary water, secondary water and sanitary sewer service from Magna Water District must adhere to the requirements of the Districts ARR’s and Culinary Water and/or Sewer System Extension Agreement. The District has created a New Development Guide (link below) to provide the developer a better understanding of the process. District rates and fees can be found by clicking this link Rates and Fees or by clicking the Customer Service tab on the menu bar.