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Update on Secondary Water

Update: Secondary Water will be available first week of May 2022.

Salt Lake Canal Company has notified Magna Water District that there will be a delay in delivery of canal water. The canal company will begin releasing water into the canal on May 1st. This is an operational change by the canal company for 2022.

Typically, secondary water is available on or around April 15th and for the past month the District has worked to ready the system for water delivery. This year there will be approximately a two- or three-week delay in the delivery of water from the Salt Lake Canal system. Magna Water Districts primary source of water in the secondary system is Salt Lake Canal water.

Due to the delay in delivery the District secondary water system will not be fully functional until the first week of May. We understand this unexpected delay may affect some customers spring landscaping and watering plans, and apologize for any inconvenience. MWD will deliver the water to our customers as soon as it’s available to us.